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Hi there,

I'm Sasa, Executive Officer by day, Baker at night.

I started baking more than a decade ago. Back then I was a Software Engineer and bored with my profession as I was always facing the computer more than 12 hours a day. So I convinced myself to be productive by developing hobby. A hobby that doesn’t involve sitting on a chair and staring at a computer. Also, at that time, my mom was so insistent that I should learn how to cook. You know, the usual mom who nags you about women should know how to cook and do well in the kitchen. Obviously, I was neither.

Cooking involves knives, which I was never good at. So, the only other option I have is baking.  At that time I live in Manila, Philippines, and everyday is hot and humid. Baking in a 35 degree weather is not a great idea at all.

After some thought and consideration, I have decided to give baking a try and voila! Here I am today, I have turned my hobby into a thriving side business.