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I know it’s a struggle for beginners to find the cheapest baking ingredients and tools in Metro Manila. When I started way back in 2007, it was a struggle for me to find rare ingredients in supermarkets. For example, when I want to make macarons, I can’t find cheap blanched almonds or almond meal in supermarkets. In my 6 years in search for cheap baking supplies, below is the list of stores I often go to:
Best Way Merchandising
691 Sto. Cristo Street, Divisoria
– They have relatively cheap icing gel colors(85pesos/oz), nuts(500-800pesos/kg) and tylose powder (700pesos/kg), but the rest of their items are quite price compared to purchasing them online. Their gourmet writer costs about 800-850pesos, which I can get it at online stores like love2bake co and baking buddies. Moreover, when I went there last week, their macaron mat costs 650! Do not buy baking tools there such as cutters, molders, etc because it is expensive.
– As for packaging materials like rolls of cellophane/or plastic wrapper, its very cheap. It’s about 150-155 per roll depending on the print. For boxes, I really couldn’t say cheap because I get my boxes directly to the manufacturer.

Chocolate Lovers
45 P. Tuazon Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City
– They have the Chocolate Compound and Nuts. They have a lot of cake packaging materials, cake boards, ready made cupcake toppers, cupcake stands, chocolate moulders, lollipop sticks, baking pans, glycerin, glucose, gelatin, confectioner’s sugar and more.
Love2Bake Co.
6 Palanca Street, Fruition Bldg, BF Homes, Paranaque
– They have cheap americolor gel icing and airbrush color, pearl/luster/sparkle dusts, fondant moulds, cutters, macaron mats, pans, sheet trays, dummy styro and more. 
– Personally, this is my favorite online baking supplies store! They are not just an online store, they have a physical store located in the address i mentioned above. I get most of my tools from this store from my fondant rolling pins to icing colors.  (Disclaimer: I’m not paid for endorsing this store, this is just based on the variety of products they sell and my personal buying experience with them)

Bake Et Al
Calatagan Street Corner Filmore Street, Makati City

They have almost everything, from all purpose flour to cake pans to decorating tools to cake stands and displays.

– This is also one of my favorite store because it is near where I live and their staff are very nice. 
Baking Buddies
– Imported fondant shoe cutters, airbrush compressor package, macaron mats and more.
MK Kitchen
– Kitchen stainless steel working table, sheet trays, tart moulders, spoon forks and other kitchen utensils.
Killion Merchandising
40 Orosco St., Quiapo Manila
733-8221 to 25
– All baking ingredients except imported ones are available here. I only buy flour and confectioner’s sugar here. Those two are the ingredients I buy here because it is way cheaper than buying them in baking supplies store and supermarket.
– When you plan to visit Killion, I suggest that you go there at between 7:30-8:15am so you won’t have to queue and wait for a long time to get your stuff. 
Landmark Makati
– At the 4th floor of Landmark Mall in Makati, you can find cheap baking tools such as rolling pins, muffin pans, fondant cutters and smoothers, chocolate moulds, spatulas, cupcake stands, baking pans, food processors and more. This place may not be a one stop shop to buy your baking needs, but for bakers who have day time jobs in Makati, this is the closest baking haven you can go to.
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My Sassy Baker

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hi sassy baker! sa killion merchandising mron din silang available na almond flour/meal for macarons? and yung sa best way merchandising(divisoria),macaron mats are use for baking the macarons itself or after baking?(cooling process)im currently interested in making macarons soon! thanks!:>

They only have sliced almonds in Killion. But what you can do is put those sliced almonds in a food processor. Process it until its powdery in form. Almond flour/meal is just ground almond. I do not use macaron mats, the macarons sticks to the mat, hence, making it irremovable when you remove it. It is best used with a baking paper (do not use wax paper and wax paper is not the same as baking paper).

Robinsons supermarkets has now a wide range of baking needs ingredients like chocolate blocks, droplets, sprinkles, diff kinds of flours, baking soda/powder, cream of tartar, vanilla powder, etc.

hi there! just wanted to ask if you knew where to find square white plastic containers with clear covers.. just like the container for tiramisu. i went to choc lovers and they only had the clear plastic ones na flip top na madaling masira and mag crack. thanks in advance!

Hello. I regularly visit Davao City, main source of Theobroma cacao. My retired Chemical Engineer friend who used to work with Standard Fruits Phil's. (now Dole Philippines)…gets the selected raw cacao prepared for my chocolate creations.
My main purpose in going there is the Davao School For The Blind…to help the blind children learn to see with their remaining senses.

Hi! 🙂 im from La a doctor but i love baking when i can and i give baked goodies for gifts, can you recommend a packaging store online that ships their products in the province? i would love to have stylish boxes to go with my goodies when i give them away this Christmas! thank you! God bless!

hi maam. mga wholesale prices ba ang mga store na ito? kasi plano ko mag open ng store ko so kailangan ko kumuha ng mura para maibenta ko cya na may profit ako. sa probincya kasi namin wala kaming makunan.. thanks po…

Hi Ms. Sassy. ask ko lang po kung anong brand ng cocoa powder ang mai-rerecommend nyo para sa cupcakes and cakes yung masarap po yung lasa pero mura po price. aside from deutch and peotraco at saan po pwedeng makabili. Thanks

Hi po, I wonder kung san banda ung Best way, kasi last week nagpunta ako ng divisoria, hindi ko mahanap ung Best way, nakita ko lng po dun is ibang store nag iisa lng nag lakad pa ako sa dulo is puno na kasi ng vendors along the way. do u have pics po ba ng actual store? thank you

Hi Erika, Chocolate lovers a lots of chocolate moulds. From moulds for chocolate compounds to couverture. They also offer cheap chocolate compounds for beginners and they also have couverture for chocolate experts.

Hi Cherry,

I always use natural unsweetened cocoa powder. Bensdrop is one of the cheapest. Natural Unsweetened Cocoa powder tastes almost the same with other brands. The technique or secret for your chocolate cupcakes is that you put vanilla extract/paste/beans. Vanilla complements any chocolate 🙂

Hi Sassy Baker,
I plan to make cupcake bouquet, i am having a hard time thinking kung paano ang magiging packaging nito once it has been made. i thought of using the plastic na pinapangwrap sa mga bouquet of flowers..would u know po kung saan ako mkkahanap ng clear plastic na gnun? thanks.

hello poh! dito ako angeles city pampanga meron din poh chocolate lover sa san fernando ask ko lang poh kung meron kau idea sa mga price list nila… maguumpisa poh sana kami ng lollicakes bznes… tnx poh big help in advance

Hi Sassy Baker! Would you know where can I get the most affordable cocoa powder (for brownies)? I like the dark colored ones that tastes like dark chocolate. I bought one from SweetCraft in Boni Mandaluyong but I think it's too expensive at P245/500g.

Hi Sassy Baker! Thank you for the informations! Would like to ask what is the best thing to use butter or margarine? And what brand can I use which is good tasting but affordable.. thank you

Heny Sison is your best option. There is no cheap lessons when the instructors are known pastry chefs. Heny Sison's price is competitive 2500 to 3500 depending on the topic. If you want to learn for free, try youtube. The tools will depend on what you want to bake. I would say bake et al, love2bake and landmark have cheap tools (most of them are made in china, no brand).

I can't say one brand is better than the other. All brands are great depending on what you are baking and what kind of consistency, texture etc you want to achieve. Let me know what you want to bake and I'll tell you which brand would suit best?

Robert, there is no one stop shop for baking supplies. Try calling all the I've listed if they have what you are looking for so you will not waste time going to each of the said stores.

Hi sassy baker! do you know where i can buy instant espresso? many recipes call for instant espresso as opposed to just instant coffee. i tried scouring nearby groceries (even rustans) and can't find any. please help! thanks1

Hi Ms. Sassy baker! I am looking for a ready mage cupcake frosting that does not easily melt kc summer ngaun..dmi ko na recipe n try pro ndi ko ma perfect frosting eh.. kya ready made nlng kung meron po.. need ko sa sunday birthday ng pamangkin ko. I hope you can help me.

Hi Ms Sassy Baker, I'm gg to San Fernando, Philippines end of July 14. Need your advise which of the above shops is the nearest to San Fernando. Thanks in advance.

I cannot say. I have not tried getting supplies from that establishment. Scouting for the cheapest ingredients requires going to all of the stores or inquiring via phone or email to compare prices.

Hi Ms. Sassy, ask lang po anong maganda yet murang APF? I'm using magnolia APF, ung kasing class sana ng magnolia. Na try mo naba ung APF ng san miguel? Baron yata un? Okey kaya un? Need your help please! Thanks 😉 god bless..

Thanks for this post! Glad to find it 🙂 I am particular in finding a holder for cupcakes, the ferris wheel, carousel, bike etc – do you know where to find them? (cheapest) 🙂

Hi! Am wondering if u have any idea where the candy stores in divisoria get their candy swirls/lollipops? I buy them in bulk so am hoping to get directly from the manufacturer. Hope u could help me out. Thanks!

Sorry I don't know if this has been asked before sa dami ng comments, but would you know if open ang Killion and the other stores in Quiapo on weekends, or till kelan pag ngayong December? I tried calling the number on their order forn tono avail.

Hi Ms. Sassy Baker,

You mentioned that for boxes, you couldn't say it's cheap because you get yours directly to the manufacturer.
San po pala kayo bumibili ng boxes? 🙂
Thank you! 🙂

Hi! Thanks for the recommendation on Love2BakeCo. I found your blog on a Google search for "baking supplies metro manila." I didn't like the service and prices at Sweet Craft, so am very happy to have found this – looks like Love2BakeCo has a more complete, cheaper range plus the convenience of online ordering. Thanks again! 🙂

Hi Louraine, please try bake et al. they have most cake decorating tools. if not, you can buy it online in eBay or amazon, though shipping will cost you.

Hi Loloy,

Please try calling the chocolate factory in p. tuazon and ask them about the specific size you want. They have pans but not sure if they have the ones you are looking for.

Hi Vinz,

We haven’t been to Baclaran area before so we cannot recommend any store that sells cake and cupcake stand.

Hi Joseph,

Bake et al and Love2bake sells rice crispies by 1/4, 1/2 and 1kg. Please contact them for the price.


Hi Maann,

I cannot provide information on where to buy Matcha Powder in Valenzuela. Try contacting one of the stores I listed and I’m sure they can ship them to you.


Hi Tom,

I cannot provide information about plastic packaging as I have not used plastic packaging.


Hi Patty,

Hazelnut flour is just ground hazelnut. But hazenuts and put it in a food processor until its flour in texture. Then viola! Hazelnut flour!


Hi Sassy Baker, for cake air brush, what model is the best cake air brush with compressor and where to buy? Thank you and more power!

Dear Gemicans,

I use dinkydoodle airbrush. I did not buy in the Philippines but I’m sure you can buy it online and have it shipped to you.


Hi Miss Sassy Baker, thank you for this great post!
Would you be able to tell me where to find pre-cut parchment rounds? Meron po kaya sa Divisoria?
Thank you!

hi miss sassy..
im in davao city.. naga hanap po ako ng supplier for my baking store soon. what store na ma suggest nyo po na pwde ko puntahan para maka supply po ng baking store ko.. na mura po. please help me po. thank you so much.. GOD bless

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