Tutorial: How to make Fondant

This tutorial is for all beginners who wants to make fondant using Tylose powder. Tylose powder is an important ingredient in making fondant. It is a hardening agent. It will make your fondant firm after you dry it. 

Inexpensive Tylose powder is hard to find in Metro Manila. Most baking supply stores sell it at 150pesos per 100grams. However I found this store in Divisoria, which sells Tylose powder at a cheap price. The name of the store is Best Way Merchandising located in Sto. Cristo Street, Divisoria. It costs at around 180pesos per 250 grams, but if you buy more, the sales lady will give you a discount.

Moreover, the second important ingredient is the glycerin. Glycerin makes your fondant pliable. You can get this at any supermarket near you.


  •     1 kg          Powdered Sugar
  •     250g         Powdered Sugar (for kneading)
  •     4 tsp         Tylose Powder
  •     2 tbsp       Gelatine Powder
  •     1/2 cup     Water
  •     2 tbsp       Glycerin
  •     4 tbsp       Shortening
  •      1 cup          Glucose
Step-by-Step Instructions

          1. Prepare the ingredients


          2. Combine the Gelatine and Water. Let the Gelatine bloom.

          3. Combine the powdered sugar and tylose powder in a separate bowl.

          4. Combine glycerine, shortening, glucose and the gelatine mixture. Heat until the shortening is dissolved or until the mixture is simmering.

          5. Pour the slurry mixture on the powdered sugar and tylose mixture. 

           6. Mix together using a wooden spoon until quite combined.

          7. Pour the mixture in to greased sheet tray.

          8. Grease your hands with shortening before kneading. Add the powdered sugar for kneading.
          9. Knead lightly until smooth (no more sugar lumps). The result will be really sticky and very soft. Do not panic, that’s normal. 

          10. Transfer and Wrap the fondant with a cling wrap. Let it set overnight at room temperature. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.

          11. The next day if you are going to use the fondant, you will notice that the fondant is quite hard. Don’t worry that’s normal. All you have to do is to knead it until pliable. If the fondant is too hard to knead, brush the fondant with a bit of water then knead.

(Don’t forget to grease your hands when kneading and add a bit of sugar if the fondant sticks on to the table)
          12. Add gel food colour to colour your fondant 🙂 Knead well for consistent coloring.

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My Sassy Baker

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Wow i tried making fondant without the tylose powder and it was a big failure, bakit ngayon ko lang nakita ang process na to, i ended up using ready made fondant ang mahal,haha, i'll try this. Thanks for sharing, Wish me luck.

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