Pink Lemonade Macarons

This is my first time to make Macarons. I love macarons! Those colorful cute little treats!

Based on my research, the perfect macaron should have feet, thin egg shell like crust but chewy when you eat it.

I found this list descriptions on what a macaron should be like on the :

  • The cookie-to-filling ratio shall be between 1:1 and 2:1.
  • The filling should extend to the edge of the cookie
  • Eating a macaron should be clean resulting only with a few crumbs.
  • The macaron crust should be smooth, glossy and delicate. Bumps are an indicator that the almond wasn’t ground finely enough or the dry ingredients weren’t sifted thoroughly.
  • The crust of the cookie should be thin and fragile. It should provide the most useless protection against the soft cookie layer underneath. Biting through the crust should be effortless. A dry, semi-hard crust that shatters into the soft center of the cookie is not fun. Macarons should not crunch.
  • The cookie’s texture beneath the crust should be light, just a little chewy, and soft, but not so soft that it’s mushy. It’s okay if the cookie looks “uncooked.”
  • Sweetness shouldn’t overpower a macaron. They come in a wide variety of flavors for a reason—so you can taste the flavor.  

Macarons have 3 main ingredients – almonds (finely ground), sugar, and eggs.  Making macarons is very tricky! You have to beat the eggs correctly and you must fold the other ingredients in the eggs at the right consistency. 

I adopted the recipe from Macarons by Erica (; however, I added one ingredient into this recipe. I added 1 pinch of cream of tartar to stabilise the egg whites when I beat them. And made a few revisions in the method of making the macarons.
Without further a do, Let’s get started! 🙂
For the shells:
  • 110g ground almonds/ almond powder/ almond flour
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 90g egg whites (refrigerate them 24hours before using them)
  • cream of tartar
  • pink food colouring (optional)
For the filling
  • 100g white chocolate
  • 50g cream
  • 1/2 tsp of lemon extract
Baking Instructions for the Shells:
  • Pre-heat oven at 325 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Line you sheet tray with parchment paper. Use parchment paper, NOTHING ELSE WORKS. I’ve tried wax paper before – it didn’t do the job.
  • Ready your piping bag
  • Whisk egg whites to stiff peaks, gradually adding the caster sugar and cream of tartar when it’s at foamy to soft peak stage. Then add the food coloring.  Until stiff means beat them till they literally do not move when you turn your bowl upside down. That’s the time it’s ready!
  • Fold almonds and icing sugar into the eggwhites, “macaroning” until you achieve the  correct consistency. In folding the almonds and sugar into the eggwhites, use a flexible spatula. Fold by repeatedly scraping around the bowl and moving towards the middle cutting the batter into half. Fold the batter not more than 30 times so as not to over mix. The correct consistency would be the dry ingredients is fully incorporated into the egg whites but is not “runny”. Runny means when you get some of the batter using your spatula and try to drip the batter back to the bowl, it is not ribboning or liquidy in form. It should be very thick.
  • Pipe your macarons into rounds and allow to rest for about 30 to 40 mins or until skin forms. Skins are formed when you touch your macarons after 30 mins with no residue of the batter that sticks onto your finger. Allowing the piped macaron batter to rest will help you achieve the correct form of the macaron – that is the macaron will have a foot. Allowing it rest means trapping air inside the macaron batter (the skins are formed to trap the air) and will release the trapped air when you bake them, hence making the feet of the macarons.
photo-8 (1)
  • Bake for 16-18 minutes (this will depend on how thick you piped your macarons). You should watch your macarons or else you might end up with burnt macarons. Furthermore, you can turn the pan half way to evenly bake the macarons.
  • Allow the macarons to cool about 30mins after you bake them. After cooling, that’s the time you remove them from the parchment paper, or else it will break.
photo-5 (1)

Filling Cooking Instructions:
  • Heat the cream and chocolate in a double boiler and allow to sit for a couple of minutes. Mix well to combine, add the lemon extract to taste.
  • Sandwich macarons, and you’re done! (leave for 24 hours in the fridge to mature if you can, which unlikely to happen because you want to them immediately!)
I hope you learned from this recipe/tutorial. If you have questions regarding the baking procedure, you can post them down below or send me a private message on my Facebook page. Click the Facebook social media icon on the upper right hand side of this website. 
Thank you for reading! ‘Til the next post!

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